[Hugo] Announcing Roodylib

Over the last several months, I’ve been working on a library extension for Hugo. A large part of it is a collection of small bug fixes for the last Hugo library release, The rest of it is additional features. Among the things it does:

  • Gives several more status line options.[/]
    ]When used with other library extensions, little-to-no effort is involved beyond including relevant files.
  • Redesigned new game shell to start authors off on a cleaner foot
  • Breaks hugolib routines like EndGame into multiple, more-configurable routines
  • Some additional debugging routines.
  • Automatic door-unlocking
  • Extra string manipulation routines
  • Sorting routines
  • A collection of useful utility routines in a separate file.

Recently, I uploaded version 3.0 to the IF Archive which now resides in /programming/hugo/library/contributions. You can also keep an eye on current library contributions being developed over at Hugo By Example:

As always, Hugo enthusiasts can be reached over at the joltcountry forums (joltcountry.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=8). More recently, some of us have been hanging out on IRC on #hugo on the enterthegame server. Feel free to stop by.

In other Hugo-related news, Hugo’s author, Kent Tessman, has released and has been maintaining his Final-Draft-killing screenwriting program, Fade In (fadeinpro.com/). All budding screenwrights and playwrights should check it out. Tell 'm Roody sent you!

This is an impressive lib. It’s helped to move things along faster for me as someone who only started working with Hugo a few months ago.

Thanks, Roody!

I tried to design the small game that I wrote for the last Hugo mini comp to serve as an example of a functional game based on the Roodylib shell. However, the shell that the current source is based on is already out of date, so I should probably update it.

I’ve only began to explore the possibilities that Roodylib opens. The extension library really does some serious heavy-lifting, allowing the capabilities of the Hugo platform to be more fully utilized.

“Roodylib,” my collection of updates to the Hugo library files, just had its 4.0 update. I feel that it’s come a long way and has plenty of nice bug fixes and added functionality. I’d hope that any Hugo author checks it out. I’ve uploaded it to the IF Archive (should be in “unprocessed” right now), but you can always download the latest official version here, too: https://goo.gl/0s67c4

Windows Hugo users new and old may also be interested in a Notepad++ package I’ve put together for Hugo (this seems allowable by its licensing as it only insists that info remains intact for finding the official Notepad++ site and I did not delete any of the included readme’s). It adds several toolbar buttons for easy compilation and running games, and it handles directory management (one of the trickier things, IMO, for the budding Hugo author). Best of all, it’s a standalone program so it can be put on a USB stick and carried from computer to computer. Download Hugo Notepad++

Just bumping this thread to announce the 4.1.1 update!

notdeadhugo.blogspot.com/2015/10 … ation.html