Huge Playfic Update

Playfic is now browsable.

Turned one year old on Friday! 650+ published games (many just experiments/sketches) so far. Playfic continues to be a side project for me, but I’m always open to suggestions for feature requests and ways to make it more interesting.

This is a big deal; thanks for continuing to improve the site.

The main things that I’d like to see as a XYZZY organiser:

  • A visible, searchable way to categorise whether games are complete-and-ready-for-general-consumption, learning/experimentation/goofing-around exercises, and testing versions.
  • For ready-for-consumption games, a specific date for when that became the case. (‘Two months ago’ might be 2012, or it might not.)

Next year we’re going to be moving to an all-IFDB eligibility system anyway, but if third parties want to add Playfic games to IFDB listings, that information would make it vastly easier.

Great feedback. I think that moving towards an actual privacy model (private, semi-public with a link, or published to everybody) and additional metadata (descriptions, categories) will help this greatly.

Yeah. I always feel like That Guy asking for more after a cool update, but seeing when a game has had a major update would be big for me. There are a lot of stories with good potential, and I like seeing what people have added after suggestions. I suspect full-blown comments on a game would be too much, but I think there’s a lot of room for experimental stuff where people just don’t know what to do next–and going to email to discuss these things can be a hurdle.

Though if you are able to add one new feature in the future, metadata with versions and categories would be my request.

Beautiful. :slight_smile:

I’ll note that this update also added a password reset feature, which prevented my sadness over losing a lovely three-letter username.


One issue that bugs me is that if you log in using an iOS device you don’t have a tab key on your virtual keyboard, so it’s impossible to enter indented code. If enough people find this annoying maybe it’s worth adding a little tab button on the site? On the other hand I understand if you don’t want to clutter the UI.

If you want to do this I can probably write the jQuery for it if you want me to.

Hm. Maybe treat spacebar as tab if used at the beginning of a line? (On mobile browsers.)

Will that work at all, though? Doesn’t I7 expect tabs?

Tabs are optional in I7, it just takes longer and is uglier without them. Obviously, tabs don’t work on non-mobile browsers either, as the tab button typically selects the next link on the page.

Actually, tabs DO work on playfic. There’s a jQuery hack that allows you to enter tabs (at least using Chrome, maybe not all browsers).

I do have some code for a button btw.

Technically true, I suspect, but too mild. You can’t do tables without tabs. (I think you could replace most or all of the functionality of tables with nested lists, but the ‘longer-and-uglier’ aspect would absolutely explode at that point.)

I would not consider tabs optional in I7 coding; many folks who are accustomed to them will refuse to give them up.

(My “treat spacebar as tab at the beginning of a line” idea doesn’t work for tables, dammit.)

I use Javascript to get the tab key working properly in Chrome and Safari (instead of jumping from field to field), but it doesn’t seem to work in Firefox. Not sure what to do for iOS, though. Adding a new button to the UI isn’t ideal.