HTML TADS and Colors

I am updating my game to utilize some of the sound and color setting capabilities of HTML TADS. I have the tag specifying a bgcolor of black and text color (via ‘text’ attribute) of white. But the input text is still showing black. How do I set the input text color within the game code for the TADS3 HTML interpreter?


Hmm, me give this a little bump - Is there syntax to change the input text color? The foreground color change seems to work for all the text, but not the text the player types in. Anyone know how to adjust this color?

Thanks alot!



to your tag. (I found this out by going to the TADS 3 “Introduction to HTML TADS” manual and searching the deviations from standard HTML page for “input”.)

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Thank you so much, works like a champ. I hadn’t found that bit of knowledge.

Thanks again!