How was something like this authored?

…I’m curious to know how this was made…? :

Are there specific tools for this kind of thing? (that URL doesn’t seem like it’s Flash, btw - it seems to be wholly Javascript!)


It seems to have been made by (ab)using the Swiper library ( The game mechanics are very simple, it’s just a matter of animating the transition to the next page.

For all intents and purposes Flash is dead - all online apps are made with Javascript or something that compiles into Javascript.

OK, that lib looks like something graphic-y - that’s not what I was talking about. Is there any authoring environment for the STORY?? Like, when you need to decide - if the user clicks “this option”, then that graphic/text will be shown, and so on…?

This is why I talked of Flash - I was thinking that the timeline would be just the ticket for this…? Onclick Option 1, Goto Frame 5, Onclick Option 2, Goto Frame 10, etc…? So how does one author this kind of thing for the web, then… (ie. the pluginLESS web)?

Nope, that’s literally the only thing it uses apart from short custom scripts to configure the behavior. You could theoretically do the same thing with e.g. Twine but it would require heavy layout customization.