How to tell if a dictionary word is used only once?

Does anyone know if there’s a way, probably on the I6 level, to tell whether a given dictionary word refers to exactly one object, or is associated with multiple objects?

I.e. if i have:

The grand old ballroom is a room.

…and call IsOnlyUsedOnce(“old”) it will return true, whereas if I added:

A moldy sack is in ballroom. Understand “old” as the sack.

…it would return false?

You’d have to iterate through objects and tally the words in their name properties. This would be slow (at startup), and I suspect it would miss corner cases like conditional “understand” and understand-by-properties.

Thanks! I think I can structure this such that words would only appear in the name property. Just making sure I wasn’t overlooking the @read_from_magical_secret_dictionary opcode or anything.