How to stop "You can see .......... here." when entering rm


I am converting an old 1980’s game to I7 from its original source, trying to keep the look and feel as close as possible to the original (yeah - pure nostalgia :unamused: ). The problem I am having at present is whenever the player enters a room the contents are listed preceded by "You can see " and followed by “here.”. This game however was written in such a way that the descriptions of the items have a description which is displayed when there are not held by the player.

for example - a ‘warhammer’ will appear in your inventory as a ‘warhammer’, but when listed when you enter a room it will be described as “a large bloodstained warhammer of dwarvish origin lies abandoned nearby.”.

I am using

Rule for printing the name of the warhammer while looking: say "a large bloodstained warhammer of dwarvish origin lies abandoned nearby."

This give me the description I want , but it has “You can see… here.” as per the default. I have scoured the documentation but can not find how to stop that behavior. Is there a simple method that I can use?


The initial appearance of the warhammer is “…”

Or, if you want it to keep that appearance after being moved, you can make a “rule for writing a paragraph about the […]: say […].”

I’ve found a pretty easy fix for this, unless I’m missing something. Here’s an example.

The Cave is a room. “Well… it[’]s a cave.”

The warhammer is in the Cave. “A large, bloody warhammer lies abandoned nearby.” The description is “A sturdy, pine-hafted hammer of iron.” Understand “war”, “hammer”, and “war hammer” as the warhammer.

With the above code, you will have a room and a description for the hammer that will appear in place of “You can see”-style default text. Just make sure that the quoteed text that will replace the “you can see” text is right after the sentence creating the hammer. Using this method, you shouldn’t have to write any rules or anything special for each object, just a little added text.

That’s a shorthand way of defining the initial appearance property.