How to stop the asking which do you mean activity?

Is it possible to stop or modify such activity of the parser? If so, how?

I forgot to say I already found a way to stop the action, but not to modify.
Rule for asking which do you mean: stop the action; say “something else”.

The phrase “Which do you mean” is a response and can be modified in the usual way. Parser clarification internal rule response (B). That text is printed and followed by the standard list.

If you want to replace the entire message, put the “say” statement before the “stop” statement.

Thank you, is there a way to disable the activity in toto?
So that the command after the “Which do you mean” question is not loaded added to the player’s command.

Ok, this is what I achieved:

Rule for asking which do you mean:
say “[italic type]There are more of this kind here, please be more precise.[roman type]”;
cancel line input in the current text input window;
cancel character input in the current text input window;
stop the action.

Sorry for triple posting, this does not work for command longer than 5 letter. There is something I’m missing.

Are you trying to make it pick a specific object?

Yes, I would also be happy with the game randomly choosing an object.

The easiest way to pick a specific object is to write a “does the player mean” rule.

The parser will randomly pick an object (rather than asking the player) if there’s a set of indistinguishable objects. For example, if you define a “coin” kind and then say “Five coins are in the purse.”

Once the asking-which-do-you-mean activity has actually begun, there’s no clean way to prevent the question from being asked. Trying to cancel the line input event is a bad idea. So if you really want to disable this system entirely, you’ll need either a parser hack or an extension that does a parser hack. Disambiguation Control might cover it.