how to run IF in a Wordpress widget

I had this notion of taking advantage of the widening browser window (thanks, 16:9!) by embedding a text game in my sidebar.

After a bit of back and forth with Dannii (without whom I would have given up the notion) we got it working on my site:
…scroll down a bit to see my game Roofed in the sidebar.

Let me know how it works for you!

For those looking to do it themselves, either to showcase their own games or games they like, here’s how to add it to a Wordpress blog:

  1. Go to … ire.zblorb)
  2. Go to the widget section of a wordpress install and add a text widget.
  3. Drop this into the text widget:
4. Replace the story= url with your own. 5. If you want to change the width of the sidebar adjust the 44 near the end of the options= string (which changes how many characters wide it is). You will also need to adjust the width number as well (380 in the above example) so it fits.

Much thanks to Dannii and everyone who works on Parchment!

Jim Munroe

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Ha, this is a great trick. Congrats, Jim! I’m gonna tell everyone I know.

Looks good, Jim! Way to go, Parchment people!

That’s a great trick, but for me, WP just turned the iframe tag automatically into a normal link on hitting “save”. I wonder if iframes are a premium feature of some kind?

Never mind; it’s cute all the same.


Weird, Jon… I’m running the latest wordpress (3.1.3) on my own server, are you doing it on

This plugin may help either way:

After you install it you have an Iframe-specific widget you can plug in the info above. Let me know if you run into more trouble…

If anyone ends up getting a widget going, please post a link here!