How to run gnome-inform on Debian 9?

The gnome-inform binaries provided for Debian on the official Inform 7 website were built against Debian 7 “wheezy”.

Wheezy is now not merely oldstable, but oldoldstable; Debian 9 “stretch” was released earlier this year, and when I try to run the official for-use-on-Debian binaries on stretch, they immediately segfault. Being a closed source program, I am not going to try to work out why it segfaults (whereas with an open source program, I would break out gdb and vim and grep and so forth)

You should assume that I have already considered, and discarded as far too much hassle, the notion of setting up a wheezy install in a chroot or on another computer just so that I can run gnome-inform.

EDIT: Apparently it didn’t like the contents of $HOME/Inform, because when I mv’d that out of the way, suddenly it was quite happy to start up.

Further examination leads me to believe gnome-inform7 has a race condition in its startup sequence, since regardless of whether $HOME/Inform exists, it only has about a 33% chance of starting up.

currently Inform 7 run fine here, minus… the invisible menubar (but is a bug related to the UI, not Inform in se… I know where to click, so, no trouble for me)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

gnome-inform7 is not closed source; the source is here:

I would welcome if you were willing to repackage it for Stretch.

the issue happens also with other Gnome/GTK programs, so I strongly suspect the issue is not in gnome-inform’s interface, but in some library.

Update: solved. What was the culprit ? the desktop theme !!!

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.