How to run Cat Scratch on a computer

BlueStacks in a free emulator for Android. It runs on Windows and Mac.

Once you install BlueStacks, while the program is running click on the apk file you get from the ifcomp page and it will install.

I don’t about emulators for Linux, but I presume some are out there.

Very very helpful. Thanks!

Awesome – thank you!

Trying this, on Windows 10, and I get a message saying that my hardware does not support this application.

I tried installing first with Bluestacks open, then with it closed. Do I need to change settings? Make up an AppStore account…?

I never got BlueStacks (which seems to be in permanent beta - I’ve not yet seen a non-beta release, and it’s been at least a year) to run well (on a Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 7). I’ve had better luck with DuOS ( on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 (the Inspiron didn’t have the hardware virtualization support that DuOS requires). DuOS is free for 30 days (fully functional); if you want to use it longer, it’s US$15. Forever, though I don’t know if that includes updates. FWIW, after trying to get BlueStacks to run for weeks, I decided to pay for DuOS well before the 30 days expired.