How to place a table on the ui bar? [SugarCube 2]

I’m using the code that HiEv provides on his UInv for the table making section:

I’m wondering how I can place the table on the UI bar, i tried it on ‘StoryMenu’ passage but it doesnt work.

I already have a link called ‘Inventory’ on my StoryMenu, but i want to make it so that when it’s clicked it makes an expandable window(not a pop up) with the table inside. I don’t really know how to do this. I inspected the code from HiEv, and it seems to be something with JQuery UI but i dont have any experience using that. If anyone can help I’d appreciate it, thanks!

The StoryMenu special passage can only contain links, or conditional code for controlling which links are displayed. eg.

[[Markup based link]]
<<link "Macro based link">>..<</link>>
<<if $variable is "value">>
	[[Conditional Markup based link]]
	<<link "Conditional Macro based link">>..<</link>>

If you want to display content other that links then you need to use the StoryCaption special passage.

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Oh I see I didnt know that! Thanks Greyelf.