How to open an object with an item other than key

I’m trying to have an object (a crate) that can be opened with an item other than a key (a crowbar). Any suggestions?

The crate is here.
The crate is scenery.
The crate is a container.
The crate can be closed or open.
The crate is closed.
The description of the crate are “It is nailed shut.”

You could make the crowbar the key, but then it would also be possible to lock the crate with the crowbar again. Not ideal

But you can make it work with an instead rule:

The crate is here. It is a scenery container. It is closed and not openable.
Instead of unlocking the crate with the crowbar:
    say "You pry the crate open.";
    now the crate is open.
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Wonderful! That did trick. Thank you!