How to move a room to a different region?

Exactly what the title says. If I want to move an elevator(room) from top floor(region) to bottom floor(region), how could I do that with a command? Would prefer anything that’s not a work around.


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I’ve never done this, but there’s a chapter on elevators in the documentation, and an example with it (The Unbuttoned Elevator Affair).

Hope that’s what you’re looking for!


The map region property is not mentioned in the manual, but it’s in the Standard Rules and you can set it:

now the map region of the ElevatorRoom is FirstFloorRegion;

(I don’t recommend setting it to anything other than an existing region or nothing.)


This works:

Top-floor is a region.
Bottom-floor is a region.

Elevator is a room. The button is a fixed in place thing in the elevator.
The map region of Elevator is bottom-floor.

Every turn when the location is the elevator: say "You are at the [if the elevator is in the bottom-floor]bottom[else]top[end if] floor.";

instead of pushing the button:
  if the elevator is in the bottom-floor, now the map region of the elevator is top-floor;
  else now the map region of the elevator is bottom-floor.

The harder part is that the elevator probably has a door. And you can’t dynamically re-assign where doors go without using an extension. I can think of several ways to approach this, but I think all of them include something that could be labeled a work-around. But there’s a thin line between work-around and technique, and sometimes it pays to erase that line.

Does it really have to be a room? 'cause if it’s an enterable container, several things become easier.

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Does the elevator have to be actually ‘in’ a region (as in a member-location of a region)?

I know you don’t want work-arounds, but you can do this with the Easy Doors extension and not fiddle with regions.

Easy Doors are objects that behave like a door that does not take up a map-direction. They can be moved around by the author, and change destination that they “lead to” based on rules.

Essentially you’d have an Easy Door called “Elevator Door” that you would move around based on what “floor” the elevator is on. Elevator Door leads to the unlinked Elevator Interior room. Inside the elevator, you’d have another Easy Door “Interior Door” that changes where it leads based on button-presses or whatever mechanics you want to move the player to the correct floor.

The Elevator Door is an easy door in Lobby. It is open and not openable. "The elevator door stands open on this floor, waiting to take you to another vertical destination." It leads to Elevator Interior.

Elevator Interior is a room. [add a description and a pushable button...]
Interior Door is an easy door in Elevator Interior. It leads to Lobby. "The elevator door stands open."

Instead of exiting when the location is Elevator Interior, try entering Interior Door.

After pressing the second floor button:
     now the Elevator Door is in Second Floor Vestibule;
     now the Interior Door leads to Second Floor Vestibule;
     say "Ding! The doors close, the room shakes a moment, then the doors open again."
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Hello everyone! Thanks for your responses. I used the elevator as an example. I’m not planning on using regions for an elevator, but rather on starting and stopping scenes. All of these answers are incredibly helpful! Thank you all.

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