how to make your charicter die

i want to make my charicter die in a bog but i can figure out how

This is likely too simple for your purposes, but perhaps it will give you some idea of how to go about it:

[code]woodedArea: Room ‘wooded area’ ‘Wooded Area’

  • me: Actor

  • Bog: Booth ‘bog’ ‘bog’
    "You sink in the bog and die.<p.> ";
    finishGameMsg(ftDeath, [finishOptionUndo]);
    ;[/code]Here is the transcript of a session:

[rant]Wooded area

You see a bog here.

enter bog
You sink in the bog and die.


Would you like to RESTORE a saved position, RESTART the story, UNDO the last move, or QUIT?[/rant]
If I had so desired, I could have replaced ftDeath with another object. I could have also included finish options besides finishOptionUndo in the list. If you want some ideas on how to do either of these, I recommend consulting Section 9.4 of Learning TADS 3. And, of course, come back here if you need more help. Happy coding!