How to make text change when you chose a certain option

Im using twine and im not really good at coding and im just getting into twine but i want a thing to change because an option you chose like its time and time goes up or a light goes from on to off

That will depend on what story format you’re using - Harlowe? Sugarcube? Chapbook?

In general, that will involve a variable that is set by a link, and it’s done different ways depending on the format.

Most flavors of Twine also have various “click-replace” or “cycling” macros, which will change the text on the screen when clicked. Depends what you want to do. If you’re just advancing a time variable, it may not need to change the screen, but just increment the $time variable when the player clicks. Or you may want the screen text to change saying “The light is on” or “The light is off”…