How to make "ham and eggs" one object?

After trying everything I could think/read about, I haven’t been able to make “ham and eggs” the name of a single object, not two separate objects. Any help appreciated!

Try this?

On the table is a thing called the ham and eggs. It is edible.
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The ham-and-eggs is a plural-named object in the Kitchen. The printed name is "ham and eggs".
Understand "ham", "ham and", "egg", "eggs" as the ham-and-eggs.

(I include the phrase “ham and” in the synonym list so that GET HAM AND EGGS works. I don’t like to include a bare “and” in a synonym list; I don’t want the parser to get confused parsing GET KNIFE AND FORK.)


Thanks to both of you! Being new to Inform, I have been too concerned about naming an item in the source and not paying enough attention to the power of Understand.

Names and understanding are not the easiest thing in Inform, to be honest. :smile: