How to make game title appear before any descriptions

Hi! In my game’s source code I have:

“Title” by name

When play begins, say “Description of Story.”

Then I have the room description, then the list of the things that are in the room.

When I hit “go” the game reads:
Description of Story text
Room Description
Blank is in the room.
Blank is in the room, etc.

How to do I make the story title appear first, then the description of the story?

Also, how to I program the game so the list of objects in the room don’t automatically pop up, instead, the player has to examine the room to see them?

Thank you so much for any help!!

I found that if I list an object as scenery it does not show up.

Any ideas on making the title appear first? Thanks

You can say this:

Before looking for the first time, say "Description of Story."

The game runs an automatic look action after printing the title, which prints the room and initial description, so this command will make the Description of Story appear between the title and the room name/description.

That works! Thank you so much!

Are you thinking of the “story headline?” That’s what normally prints right after the title, and it’s also used in the “library card:”

[code]“Title” by Author.

The story headline is “Description of story.”[/code]