How to make ASCII images work for visually impaired players

Ryan Veeder’s Authentic Fly Fishing asks “Are you using a screen reader?” not at the beginning of the game, but only when it’s time to display the image (in that case, a QR code). That would get annoying if there are many images throughout the game, of course.

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I can’t imagine that you could get in legal trouble anywhere for asking if the player uses as screen reader, but if anyone is concerned about that, just ask if the player wants to enable screen reader mode instead.

Kerkerkruip has a mode optimised for those using a screen reader.

Enable the screen reader mode? Please enter: Yes or No

This option, as well as other interface options, can be changed later from the Options menu.

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Eek. Thanks for the heads up.

That was responding to Joakin Thorne’s comment above. I’m skeptical that there’s any legal issue with asking if the player uses a screen reader. But if anyone is concerned, there’s other ways to word it.

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In the US, an employer asking an employee questions about disabilities is fraught with legal issues, and they should tread carefully to make sure they ask things like “What accommodations do you require?” and never “What disabilities do you have?”.

If you asked “Are you using a screenreader due to a visual disability?” in a game and transmitted the answer to a server to be saved along with a unique identifier corresponding to the user, then suddenly you’re storing data subject to Article 9 of the GDPR and could be in for a world of hurt.

But I would lose as much sleep about asking “Are you using a screenreader?” (and not even storing the answer) as I would about asking “Are you using a trackball?”.