how to make a mob or crowd

I’m working on horror comedy set in a graveyard with an angry mob outside. I want to be able to interact with the mob a bit, which is fine, but I’m stymied when I try to get Inform to treat verbs and articles in a plural fashion. I know this have to be something simple and obvious, but I’m stuck. Something along the lines off

Report throwing the knife at someone: say "You hurl the knife at [them]"

So hurling the knife at the monster returns “You hurl the knife at it”, but the mob returns “You hurl your knife at them” (right now, it prints ‘him’ or ‘it’).

In a nutshell, how does one create a plural person to describe a herd or a collective person? Is there an elegant way without creating multiple persons and giving them a plural noun, or writing a bunch of special cases for all possible interactions?

Thanks for any help on this beginner question!

You can say that “the mob is plural-named”.

You also need to set up the noun as the object which determines the it/them choice.

	say "[regarding the noun]You hurl the knife at [them].";

Simple and elegant! Thanks!