How to list available exits?

After printing a room’s description I would like to list the available exits (with the name of the room that the direction leads to included if the player has visited it before).

Something standard like “You can go north to the Gypsum Grotto, south to the Echoing Grotto and west to somewhere unexplored.” With the rooms north and south having previously been visited and the room west unvisited so displaying “somewhere unexplored” by default.

Also I would like to have this happen automatically whenever a player enters a room or looks, rather than pasting the code at the end of each room description.

Probably the easiest way to do this is to include one of the Exit Lister extensions – there are several at … y-title/#E

From what you describe, it sounds like Gavin Lambert’s might be a good fit for you; Eric Eve’s Exit Lister is more about putting exits in the status bar. I think Lambert’s is the most powerful of the ones that do exit listing in a room description.

Okay, thanks I tried the Gavin Lambert one and it works fine now.