How to have the sidebar minimised?

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Twine Version:2
Story Format: sugarcube

I tried using <<run UIBar.stow()>> and <<run UIBar.unstow()>> to collapse the side and didn’t work. I’ve put this Config.ui.stowBarInitially = true; in my JavaScript section to have the UI bar start stowed and didn’t work…

My game has <<run UIBar.stow() >> on the secondary title page and it works - if the menu sidebar is open. If it’s already closed, it doesn’t do anything. I think the sidebar starts the game stowed by default?

Unless you’re wanting to completely remove the sidebar, I believe that requires changing CSS. Stow and unstow just opens and closes it via code the same as if the player clicks the arrow. If you’ve already removed the sidebar from the game it might not be able to open or close in the same way.

Which version of SugarCube are you using?
Which web-browser brand and version are you using to test your project?
Are there any errors within the Console of your web-browser?