How to have possessive topics?

What I’m trying to do is be able to ask a character about her day, quite literally … the command ‘ask Mary about her day’ … and I’m having trouble getting it to work. I feel like the answer is probably obvious and I’m just overlooking it …

I initially tried setting up a topic tMaryDay : Topic ‘her day’ … but it did not work.

I also tried setting up a topic under the Mary actor definition … + tMaryDay : Topic ‘day’ … on the hopes that the topic object would then belong to her … but it did not work either.

I’d like to get this figured out because I have several other places where I want to ask npcs about things that belong to them that aren’t necessarily things … i.e. ask jake about his math test, or ask jake about his scar


Hey! I am new at TADS, but have you tried using AskTopic yet?
Either a ‘day’ object or topic could have isOwnedBy = mary? Just a stab…

Well, yes … I am using AskTopic for the ‘action’ part of this process, but I thought it was implied when I started mentioning my topic objects… I’m sorry I wasn’t clear bout that.

Your suggestion did not work … in fact using isOwnedBy with a topic object causes tads to crash … but the solution is a near neighbor of that … the “owner” property.

So this works:

tMarysDay : Topic 'day'

Then on the character I have this AskTopic

++ AskTopic @tMarysDay 
"My day is going very well, thank you."

When the user types in ‘ask mary about her day’ it returns ‘My day is going very well, thank you.’ which is what I was trying to do.

So thank you. You got me half way there. It was all about figuring out the way Tads wanted ownership for topic objects defined …

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I’m working on my first big game myself and I haven’t “gotten” to implementing all the big actors yet, so I didn’t/don’t really have experience to draw on yet…