How to get the interpreter to treat "Dr." as "Dr"

I have a game where many people are referred to as Dr. So and So. I want people to be able to “x Dr. Brown”, for instance.

Is there a way to circumvent Inform’s usual punctuation rules in this instance, but to still allow multiple commands through the use of the period?

Emily Short’s extension “Punctuation Removal” (which comes pre-installed with the I7 application) handles this. The code itself is actually pretty simple:

After reading a command: let T be "[the player's command]"; replace the regular expression "(?i)(Dr|Mr|Ms|Mrs)\." in T with "\1"; change the text of the player's command to T.

Thank you, this is great. Good luck on your new edition of Anchorhead!

As a side note, there is a “Punctuation Removal” extension by Emily Short that is available through the main Public Library in the IDE.