How to determine what rulebook a rule belongs to?


I can’t seem to figure out how to know what rulebook a rule belongs to if it wasn’t explicitly stated to belong to a particular rulebook in the originating source. So if I want to replace it with a different rule, what rulebook am I supposed to say it is listed in instead of the original rule if I don’t know the name of the original rulebook?

The rulebooks are listed in the rules tab of the index page.

Thanks! That is a very helpful thing to now know how to use!

There’s no way to find out directly because a rule can be listed in as many rulebooks as you want. For example, an “instead of jumping or singing in the Foyer” rule would be in both the “instead of jumping” and the “instead of singing” rulebook.

There is only one Instead rulebook, which applies to all actions.
That’s why you can have an Instead of jumping or singing in the foyer rule. However you cannot have a Carry out rule for jumping or singing in the foyer.

Basic point remains true, though – a rule can be in multiple rulebooks.

Yes. You are right. The point is true but the example is false.

Are there any examples in the Standard Rules? It seems like it’s just good style to only have one rulebook per rule, and then reference that rulebook wherever necessary, rather than to put a rule into multiple rulebooks.

I thought the Standard Rules don’t do this, but it turns out there’s exactly one example:

The update chronological records rule is listed first in the startup rulebook. [actually winds up in fourth place]
The update chronological records rule is listed in the turn sequence rulebook.

That is, it gets executed when the game starts and then at the end of each turn.

Another sensible use case (not in the standard rules, but you might do this) is to write a check rule that checks something specific about the noun, and list it in several action check rulebooks.

I believe Implicit Actions has some complicated check rules which go into several rulebooks, but I may be wrong again.