How to compile existing .inf file newbie question

I have a game file Adventureland.inf. ie an old existing game. So to play it I got the glux interpreter and the Inform7 game compiler. I have go through the two books, and looked through this forum, and I think I see how to build an entirely new game project. But how do I import an existing Adventureland.inf file, and compile it into a file useable by glux, or by Z games ? Have I misunderstood what .inf files are ?

A file extension of “.inf” usually indlcates an Inform 6 source code file. For that, you would need an Inform 6 compiler executable and a version of the Inform 6 library.

Easier approach: look for a compiled version (will have a file extension of .z5 or .z8, usually). In the “games/zcode” section of the IF-Archive you can find “Adventureland.z5”: Index: if-archive/games/zcode To play that you’ll need a Z-code interpreter (not a Glulx interpreter), such as Windows Frotz.

Even easier approach: find the game on IFDB. (For Adventureland: Adventureland - Details) Click the “Play On-line” button to play it in the browser.


OK, thanks

Since Inform 7 compiles to Inform 6, there should be Inform 6 on your machine already. See if you have inform6 program.