how to change a character position ?

ok so i been wondering this for awhile and so im confused.

how do you change the way a character appears [not desc]
i mean theyre position. sitting, standing, lying…

ive been making my characters and player go on things like this:

the player is on the bed

but i want to change their position to sitting or lying or so but i dont know how.

does anyone know how to do so or is even possible for inform?

i’d be grateful for any help offered, im sorry if explained it terribly i sometimes dont explain things well

Emily Short’s examples on “postures” might help: … rce_6.html

You should check out the extension, Postures by Emily Short.

thank you it works… might take awhile to get used to it though but i got it to work lol :smiley:

thanks for the help

Glad to help :slight_smile: