How to add lots of Characters to project code

I have a lot of characters to add to my project code.

Other than typing them in one by one, is there a faster way to add them to the code.

The syntax currently use:

Bob is a person. Bob is a man. Bob is alive. The description of Bob is "?????". Understand "??" as Bob.

Any ideas or advise in this regards?

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Copy and paste?

You can define a bunch of things with a table (chapter 16.16). But really, the hard part is coming up with the names and descriptions and all the things they’re going to do in the game. Typing “Bob is a person” is the easy part of the job.


Yes you are right.

I just hoped that there was a easier way as fast typing is not my strong suite.

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How would you define

a person can be a man or a woman.
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You don’t need to (and would likely break things if you tried and it compiled at all). Man and Woman are existing subkinds of Person. You could have separate tables for Table of Tabulated Men and Table of Tabulated Women.

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How would you define the player as one of the person characters created in the code.

The player character is automatically in place in a new Inform project. Normally, you would do:

The description of the player is “You are Bob, a man of average height, weight, and appearance.”.

Is there some other way you’d like to give the player information about their character?

I am trying to learn how I can define my player as best as Inform would allow, not sure how thou.

I am also looking at body parts, I know how to define them but I am not sure how to use them in character building context.

Well, start with “The description of the player is…” and see how you like that. I always give information about the player character in some opening text, or in the initial description of the first location as well.

Do you need any specific body parts? Like, are the player’s muscular arms really important to the plot? Unless you really need to call out specific body parts, I wouldn’t do this at all.

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I am more looking at facial expressions or nervous hand movement or twitching eyes like in a suspect interrogation.

So that would be NPCs’ body parts, not the player’s body parts, correct?

If an NPC tugs at his left ear every time he lies to you, you can make “his left ear” a part of the NPC, but only really nitpicky players (cough @rovarsson cough) will feel the need to examine his ear closely.

Yes NPC’s not the player.

UHMmmm… I think that in the specific case of interrogating witness/suspect NPC, you need narrative, not bodyparts.

I suggest to build a series of tables of answers to PC’s questions (nice double-entendre: in UK, PC means also Police Constable…), and in these answers, you put things like “Mrs. Rodgers fidgets a bit her fingers; then says ‘Dunno, around 9,30 PM ?’” (in this example, fidgeting is the manifestation of nervousness…)

no need to implement fidgeting fingers or twitching eyes, in a context of police/detective interrogation, what matter is the narrative; of course, in the table of answers, you should also point to the player that the PC recognise the signs of nervousness…

Hope to have explained well enough my thought, and
Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


On a related note: I keep hearing that it’s impossible for humans to lick their own elbows. Maybe there’s some biomechanical issue in that place called “real life”, but for an IF-author, it should be easy-peasy to LICK ELBOW, no? Or even TOUCH LEFT EARLOBE WITH RIGHT ELBOW.

Contortionist IF. A new sub-genre?

(Ugh… I would not want to see how this looks in a graphical game. Lara bending her arms inside out…)


Only because the licker stubbornly insists on remaining in one piece.


I am pretty sure any experienced beta tester can accomplish anything…

>lick left elbow
Your left elbow is out of reach.
>remove tongue from mouth
You remove your Titanium Tongue from your mouth.
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You lick your left elbow with your Titanium Tongue.
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>insert tongue into mouth
You insert your Titanium Tongue into your mouth.

It’s a cinch if you’re not fussy about the elbow remaining attached.


I can get damned close. Not to the very tip of the elbow, but only about an inch away. I can also lick the top of my nose.

This is going to sound weird, because it IS weird, but I have a tongue that is too big. Seriously. I had to have all sorts of tongue-training torture devices glued into my mouth as a kid to train it not to push my jaw out of alignment, and I had a series of surgeries to deal with the repercussions of my tongue pushing my jaw out of alignment. It’s also hell on tooth stability.

Y’all never knew this was a thing, but it is.


Thanks, much appreciated

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