How to add graphics and split the screen?

I’d like to add graphics to my game. How can I set it up so the bottom 1/4 contains text, the top 3/4 contains a large picture of each location? I spend a long time looking through all the different TADS books and can’t find any mention of adding graphics. Where is some instructions about how to do this?

I have TADS 3.0.8-1.

You do that using the banner API provided by the adv3 library. The banner API is implemented in the file “lib/adv3/banner.t”, along with comments on how it is used. Once you create the banners you want, you can then output text and graphics in them.

Btw, your TADS version seems heavily outdated. 3.0.8 is really old. You should install this:

Which will give you TADS Right now, you are using the old “legacy” Unix port, which is dead.

That’s perfectly correct, but using the raw banner API can be quite tricky. You might have to look at at the article on Using the Banner API in the TADS 3 Technical Manual, and perhaps take advantage of the customBanner.t extension that comes with more recent versions of TADS 3.

– Eric

Okay, thanks very much. I think I’ve got the latest version of all of the software now. Do you know any sample game (with source) that I ought to take a look at so I can see an example of how it is done? The games I’ve found that use graphics seem to put them directly alongside the text.

I just created a sample demo. I’m attaching it to this post. The source code should be easy to follow. It also shows how to embed media resources into the final game (at the bottom of Makefile.t3m) so that you can distribute only a .t3 file that will contain all the media inside.

The archive also contains an already compiled .t3 game.
bannerdemo.tar.bz2 (283 KB)

Wow, great. This community is so helpful.