How many rooms are there in Anchorhead?

Do any of you guys happen to know? Or maybe you have a rough estimate?

This should help, if you don’t mind counting:

Hey, thanks! Yeah, it’s a slow day, I can probably handle this.

That didn’t take long at all! In case anyone else was wondering:

One hundred and twenty-one.

How sad am I? I actually went and counted the rooms myself just to see if you were right. And you were.

That’s a little presumptuous. Sure, you got the same count, but that doesn’t mean either of you were right. We need someone sadder than you to count again. When someone has checked their work, I’ll feel better.

Wow, those many?

It MUST be a good thing, then, that a player might not even notice it IS so many rooms, and it’s always easy to navigate. By memory.

Talk about a game standing the test of time.

Also, seriously now, Anchorhead is THE game that pops up now and again. Photopia? Galatea? Blue Lacuna? Trinity? Psawh. 9:05 and Anchorhead steal all the thunder - these have got to be the two games that we keep bringing back to active discussion!

What to go, Michael!

EDIT - Also, I must be sadder still because I also counted 121. Care to double-check it, mostly_useless? :wink: