How long does it take IFDB to process games?

There are games on IFDB as far back as October 29 that still don’t have download links. Perhaps it should say it takes a few weeks instead of a few days?

IFDB works like a wiki; if you want a download link, you can add it yourself.

IFDB updates appear instantly. It’s the people who sometime experience a processing delay :slight_smile:

Yes, the thing is people often upload to the archive - then we have to wait for the file to become available in the archive for the link to appear.

Of course, some people just go ahead and make entries without giving download links. That’s another matter entirely. They probably think we’re a community of mind-readers, what with decades of verb-guessing and all.

There isn’t currently anything on the Archive in “unprocessed” that’s been uploaded through IFDB, so any IFDB page still without a download link was either created like that by its author, someone has edited the download links to remove the pending link to the archive, or there’s a problem at the IFDB end…

[As an aside, that’s not quite true: the uploads “Dodge City” and “Destination” both seem to have been uploaded through IFDB, but the entries on IFDB seem to have been removed. Also, the zip files contain Windows or DOS executables. Hmmm, those will have to be treated with a lot of caution…]

If you’re specifically asking about your game (“The House of Fear”) then I can see that the upload to the Archive came from IFDB, but the IFDB page seems to have been created with no download links. It should have had a pending download link so that when the game was moved into the Archive, then IFDB was also updated, but something seems to have gone wrong at the IFDB end. It might be worth you asking Mike Roberts to have a look.

OK, there must have been a mix-up. It’s up now.