How Does Room Describing Work?

I’m trying to completely gut and replace the room description functions of Inform 7, but I can’t seem to track down how to override the rules I need to override. I do “instead of looking”, for example, but that only works when the player is actually typing “look” or, for some reason, on the very first turn of the game.

When moving between rooms, even into unvisited rooms, it displays the standard description. I’ve checked the rules sequence, and I need to replace the “room description paragraphs about objects rule” at the very least. But I’m not sure what the syntax is to do that.

I’ve tried a few ways, including just “the room description paragraphs about objects rule: …”, but they all error out. I’ve made plenty of rules before, but I’ve never tried to replace an existing rule, so…

Does anyone know the solution?


The “room description paragraphs about objects rule” is in the carry out looking rulebook. It’s an action rule book, so you can find it in the Index, under the Actions tab, under the detailed view for Looking.

If you want to replace it with your own code, you can do so by writing your own rule and replacing the old one with it:

[code]Carry out looking (this is the my new looking rule):
etc., etc.

The room description paragraphs about objects rule is not listed in any rulebook.
The my new looking rule is listed after the room description body text rule in the carry out looking rulebook. [This is where the old RDPAO rule was.][/code]

That will completely and irreversibly tear out the standard rule and replace it with your own. If you only want to use your new rule in certain parts of the game, and allow normal behavior otherwise, use a procedural rule:

Procedural rule: if (some condition applies), substitute the my new looking rule for the room description paragraphs about objects rule.

Finally, you might also want to read the Activities chapter of the documentation, particularly sections 17.24-17.26, which go into more nitty-gritty detail about how room descriptions are constructed.

Thanks for the help, I’ll go do that.

And… I’m working with old documentation. Mine doesn’t have anything like that in it. Maybe I should download the newest version.