How do I use txd?

I am having problems with the zTools. How do I use them?

These are command-line tools. Once built, you would type

txd game.z5

And I have no idea what you just said.

Once you’ve built or downloaded a z-code game, you run txd on it from the command line.

If you have a Mac, you can find the “Terminal” application and type “txd [game’s file name]” at the prompt. My guess is that you’ll have to find the file by navigating the directory structure of your hard drive first.

I use windows. Maybe I need to learn to use the Command Prompt.

Yeah, you need to command prompt. It’s not hard in this case, though. You navigate through your hard drive using the commands “dir” and “cd [name of directory you want to go to]”. If you put txd and the game in the same directory, you could then type something like “txd [game’s file name]”. (It’s some time ago I used this stuff, so this might not be entirely accurate.)

Here you go masema, a nice intro to using the command line in Windows. Enjoy. … roduction/