How do I make an enterable supporter moveable?

Hi again. I’m grateful for all the help I’ve received with this wheelbarrow, barrel, and apple puzzle over the last month. Long story short, a barrel in location 1 must be placed in a barrow to move it to location 2 where it must be climbed to reach an apple. In my sandbox I can get the barrel into the barrow and push it around. In another sandbox I can climb the barrel to get the apple. The other day I put it all together and since then I’ve been wrestling with it to get it to work.

As far as I can tell from swapping pieces of code out and in, the issue is that the the barrel needs to be movable but that it also needs to be a enterable supporter in order to climb it with the built-in functionality (which I’m trying to use).

I’ve tried addressing the issue by making applegrab a scene in where if the barrel is present becomes an enterable supporter but that doesn’t seem to do it.

Is there a way to do this with the built in functionality? I don’t necessarily need anyone to solve the problem but if it can’t be solved without writing extra rules I’d like to know that.

The opposite of “fixed in place” is “portable”. Is that the confusion?

You can write

The barrel is a portable enterable supporter.

See, that is the exact thing.

Thank you so much.

I must be doing something wrong with the documentation. Is there some kind of list of words with their “antonyms” somewhere?

You can look in the Index tab, Lexicon section. Or the Documentation tab, General Index. Or you can look at the Standard Rules (the Open Installed Extensions menu item).

For adjectives, another really helpful thing is Index -> Kinds -> click on the magnifying glass next to the kind you’re interested in. If you click on the magnifying glass for “Things,” you get this:

Represents anything interactive in the model world that is not a room. People, pieces of scenery, furniture, doors and mislaid umbrellas might all be examples, and so might more surprising things like the sound of birdsong or a shaft of sunlight.
Usually unlit not lit, inedible not edible, portable not fixed in place, described not undescribed, unmarked for listing not marked for listing, mentioned not unmentioned.
Usually not scenery, wearable, pushable between rooms, handled.
Can have description ( text ), initial appearance ( text ), matching key ( object ).

There’s a lot of great stuff in the Index! It’s worth just looking through tabs randomly to see how it conveys information.

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