How do I check if transcripting is going on right now?

Yes. Transcripting is a little disconnected from the game state in that you can save a game while transcripting is on, then come back later (in which case no transcripting is going on). Or you can undo back through a TRANSCRIPT ON and still be transcripting.

So in I7, what’s the method to check if the VM is actually writing a transcript now? I need to know that so I could print an option to ‘turn transcript on’ or ‘turn transcript off’ which reflects the current situation. Thanks.


i cheat.

if i need transcripts, i used a “first when play begins” and I turn transcripting on there so the guinea pig doesn’t have to. I mean beta tester.
then, upon load, same thing. i don’t know what it’s called but there’s a way to alter the load message - i rig it so it does the same thing on behalf of the guinea pig. I mean beta tester.

Yes, that’s good for versions for testers. But I don’t want it on all the time, and I need to check if it really is happening before I print a toggle message which acts like it knows what’s happening.

If I didn’t care whether the toggle message knew what has happening (IE It would just say ‘toggle transcript’ instead of ‘toggle transcript ON’ or ‘toggle transcript OFF’) I could get away with making the toggle button always ‘try switching the story transcript on’, then reroute the response which says ‘it’s already on’ to an action which turns it off and instead says ‘I turned it off!’

Actually, I thought that was pretty clever of me until I realised I had the arrogance to want to show the player that I know what my own program is doing.


To decide whether transcripting is on: (- (gg_scriptstr ~= 0) -).

To decide whether transcripting is on: (- ((0–>8) & 1) -).

The z-code check looks like a dirty emoticon.

That’s just a bonus.

Thanks Zarf.