how can you start the game out holding somthing?

i just cant figure this out please help!

Easiest way is just to add the item below the player character object using the + syntax. This will start the player character with a widget.

me: Actor
    vocabWords = 'self'
    location = Redroom

+ widget: Thing 'widget' 'WIDGET'

You can also set the item’s location property directly.

widget: Thing 'widget' 'WIDGET'
    location = me

Or do the same thing using the Thing template.

widget: Thing 'widget' 'WIDGET' @me

Note that if you start with the default advanced project, the “me” object already has a plus to place it in its room, so we’ll need two pluses to put an object inside it.

Essentially, each plus that you add is a deeper layer of containment in the world - things inside things inside things.

If your code looks like this:

[code]startRoom: Room ‘Start Room’
"This is the starting room. "

  • me: Actor

++Thing ‘banana’ ‘banana’
“The yellowest of all fruit.”

+Thing ‘apple’ ‘apple’
“Not nearly yellow enough.”
The banana will appear in your inventory, while the apple will appear in Start Room.

this didnt work for me but i figured sothing ut thanks anyways