How can I contact tech support? My story is missing/got deleted

How do I contact Twine support? One of my stories is missing/got deleted etc.

There isn’t formal Tech Support for Twine, but this forum is a good place to start.

Per the Twine cookbook:


Stories are saved in the local storage of a web browser. This is isolated between a browser and its use of incognito or private windows. Clearing sessions and cookies in a browser may also clear the storage of Twine 2. Using a different browser also means accessing different local storage.

If you’ve changed browsers/computers, you might need to check in the same one for saved material. If you’ve cleared cookies and cache … :grimacing:

For the desktop app:

When used as a desktop application, Twine 2 stores its files under the current user’s files. The current collection of Stories can be accessed through the View → Show Story Library menu option.

This is pretty old, but maybe someone will still get use out of it.

I always have an issue on Twine where the cookies delete themselves automatically. I’ve tried to fix it but I can’t find anything wrong with it. Basically, no matter what you do after than point, your stuff is pretty much gone. If that’s a problem you end up having, you’re gonna have to save your story into your files every time you’re done with it.

Are using Safari on an Apple device / computer to run the Web-browser based release of the Twine 2.x application?

Because if you are then this article may explain what is happening to you.

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