How can a screen reader user flag posts?

I recently joined the Interactive Fiction Community Forum and am excited about being part of it. While reading the Code of Conduct (COD) in its entirety, a question arose in my mind. How can I, as a screen reader user, accessibly flag a forum post?

The flag instructions in the COD state in part:
“Click the three dots below the post…
Click the flag…”

I typically utilize Chrome browser and the JAWS screen reader for Windows, and possess no vision with which to use a mouse. Consequently, I cannot click three dots.

I don’t know how JAWS handles HTML, but the flag button is below the post and has a title attribute which reads “privately flag this post for attention or send a private notification about it”.

Does a control with that label appear in your system?

@zarf: Thank you for your quick response. For me the text label for flagging refered to in your reply is currently evident/visible to JAWS in private messages (i.e. conversation with the site robot). However, I cannot find such in public forum threads.

Article on title attribute for accessibility:

The title attribute is not read for most elements by default in most screen readers.

There should really be alt text (which is bad, 'cause it’s not implemented as an img tag) or there are css tricks to make text available to screen readers that will be invisible in conventional browsers. I don’t know how customizable Discourse is, though.

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I use Voiceover with both iOS and Mac OS so I expect there will be a couple of differences between how our systems work. With that being said, when I scroll through this forum, I have options for “like”, “share”, “flag/report”, “bookmark”, and “reply to” after each post and comment. I should also mention that Discourse has a screenreader theme, but I can’t remember if I have it set up at the moment.

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The screenreader theme has one line that changes one element’s position from fixed to relative: it doesn’t do a lot.

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I apologize that this isn’t a convenient task with a screen reader. If you need to alert us regarding a post and are unable to use the flag, please private message the Moderator group @moderators or send a direct email to and we are happy to assist you.