How big is big?

Hi, all!

Took a few months off from writing and coding to refresh the well a little bit.

When we talk about a game being “too big” to be compiled by Inform 7, what are the parameters of that?

What takes up the most memory? What are ways to conserve memory as I go?

Thank you as always!

The limits are so high that it’s practically impossible to reach them.

The one time an I7 game’s gotten too large to be compiled before, it was due to a compiler bug rather than an intrinsic limitation. (And I believe that bug is gone now?)

That particular bug is fixed.

There are no practical limits where the game is too big to compile or run. You may find situations where, as the game grows, it starts running more slowly (particularly on mobile devices) and perhaps you need to think about that. But this is not what you should be worrying about when you start designing a game.