How are Kerkerkruip rogue cards made?

I really like the style of Kerkerkruip rogue cards, with the drawing made of typeface characters.

Does someone know how they are done? (I guess the one who made them knows it…) I couldn’t find anything on Google.

Is there some specialised software, or are they done with a conventional image editor (say, Photoshop)?

If it is the latter, are each character on separate layers, each one being positioned and rotated separately? I imagine that would be very boring.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll really make something in this style yet, but I’d like to try to make one or two pictures at least for fun.


I’m glad you like the cards. I do them using Adobe Illustrator. Each letter is sized, rotated, and placed individually. It is not something that is automated like, e.g.,

It’s not boring, or at least I don’t think it is. Each time you place a glyph, you have new decisions to make, and create a new context within which future decisions will be made. In some ways, it’s more like sculpting than like drawing.

For folks who don’t know what’s being referenced, you can find examples here.

Well, said that way, maybe I was wrong to think it was boring. Anyway, thanks! I also see there a other tips in this post of yours.

By the way, Adobe allows downloads of an older–but still quite functional–version of its Creative Suite 2, including Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. You can find Illustrator here: … -free.html

Illustrator is not as easy to learn as Photoshop, so you might want to google around for tutorial series, etc.