Hosting Quixie?

Hi guys, I’m wondering, is there a way to host my game through a blog or some other free service using Quixie?

If you add this to your source code:

Release along with an interpreter.

then it will automatically generate a web page with Quixe that you can upload. See]here.

Alternatively, if you just put the story file on the web anywhere in an unzipped form, then this webpage should let you generate an URL that allows you to play the game through Quixe at (It says “zcode” but ignore that–it dates from before Quixe and before Parchment moved to its current website, but it still works.)

wait wait wait so … anywhere on the intarwebz? as long as it’s unzipped and has that command in the source code?

… so i could host it off a tumblr and pull it when i feel like it? or update it from there and have it immediately available?

It won’t update immediately–it takes a little time (maybe on the order of a day or a couple hours) for it to get crawled–but yeah. In fact you don’t need the command in the source code–that command is for generating your own web page complete with play online link like this–any z-code or Glulx file that’s unzipped, anywhere on the web, can be played at iplayif if you feed its URL into that generator. I think this is how the “Play Online” links on IFDb get generated, at least for old games that don’t have their own dedicated Play Online facilities (e.g. Anchorhead).

For instance, if you go here I have a file for “The Table” on my personal website (I could’ve hosted it on wordpress but for some reason I didn’t). The “play online” link there is one I got by feeding the URL (from the “Download it” link) into the Parchment generator. I’m not sure why I didn’t just use the built-in website-generating capacity instead of separately uploading the story file and the source text and generating a parchment link.

Yep! You don’t even need to include that line in your game.

If you include that line, Inform will build a web site for you specifically for playing your game, with the proper interpreter set up and everything. You can then host that wherever you like.

But even if you don’t, if you give your game’s URL to IPlayIF, it will convert and interpret it to allow you to play online through that site. That’s how the “Play Online” links on the IFDB work (for Zcode and Glulx games at least).

EDIT: Yeah, what Matt said.

Hey, thanks for that. :slight_smile: I’d missed that one. It’s now been collected.