Holy Robot Empire dollars - hint request

I need a dollar to get the heretical book. I found the dollar in the envelope and on the collection plate and I spent them on the clarinet and key. Are there any more dollars?

I was a beta-tester for this one.

If I recall correctly, you can get your dollar back by dropping either the clarinet or the key back in the box. If the key is broke, you need to fix it up with glue first.

Ah! Of course! I really should have come up with that myself.

Questions about the optional stuff:

[spoiler]Has anyone found any use for the metal book? It says that you can look up robopopes in it but I haven’t found any names to look up.

Is there any meaning to the hermit’s fingerspelling? I started writing down the letters but they seem to be random.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]The book is for fun I think. The current Pope is called Fortran, so make a guess at what an earlier Pope might be called.

I just assumed he was making the give-me-some-money sign.[/spoiler]


Oh, I see. I did try some but it didn’t work for some reason, but now that I retry it does.

Nope, they’re textual descriptions of the ASL manual alphabet. Maybe it’s just an easter egg, but it would have been cool if he had spelled a hint for the dollar puzzle for example.[/spoiler]

Mæja had an answer to the last question:

It’s the first part of the Hail Mary.

So…how to get the last point? Here’s what I have.

[]get eye
]give key
[]give book
]play clarinet
[]s to cyber-area
]give ball
[*]kiss ring

Did you

Mark the test paper at the beginning?

Does the idol do anything? In Club Floyd we glued it together but never used it for anything after that. Since he was signing HAIL MARY FULL OF GRACE I thought we needed to give the idol (a statuette of Mary) to him, but he didn’t seem interested.

I thought it was supposed to be a mild red herring, or rather, a justification for having the glue there.

Disassembling found


Also, the first pope is

BASIC. Then you can trace them down the line.

Sounds like a fun game. Where do I download it?

Here. IFDB is usually a good source for the games we’re talking about.