Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 30th Anniversary Edition

Courtesy of the BBC. Title says it all.

You do need to be signed in to play.

bbc.co.uk/programmes/article … ry-edition

(I’m not in any way affiliated with this project. I just found it and thought it was worth mentioning.)

Another BBC HHGG web game? :slight_smile: They never get tired of it.


So I guess we can look forward to a 40th anniversary edition.

Wonder what they’ll make for the 50th, a full-blown point-and-click graphical adventure? THAT I’d pay to see, considering how IF-fy it is.

I wish we could download these versions for offline play, though. They look wicked slick, all of them.

Seems to be mostly a reskinning of the 20th anniversary edition, now in HTML 5 instead of Flash.

The point and click version already exists, fans put it together in AGS over at adventuregamestudio.co.uk/si … game/1312/

PS, I don’t believe you do need to be signed in to play it, but you do if you want to save your game. (Surely you remember how to get the babel fish, though, so saving should be unnecessary!)