Historical Williamsburg Living Narrative

I currently have a project in the funding stage at Kickstart called the Historical Williamsburg Living Narrative. I am looking for possible collaborators for the character dialog subsections, to be developed using Inform 7.

To learn about the project, go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1743562321/the-historical-williamsburg-living-narrative.

For general information regarding the project, go to the blog at http://historicalwilliamsburg.com/

I am also looking for high school teachers that use IF in their classrooms for instruction.

Hey, what a cool project. Good luck with this!

Thanks for the backing! We’re hoping to spread the word!

What sort of conversation system will you be using?

The entire development will be done in Inform 7, so the conversation system will be based on the Inform parser and any relevant extensions.

Right, but that covers a pretty broad range of possibilities. What I meant was, how will the conversations be structured and how will the player navigate them (i.e. is it based on the ASK/TELL verbs, some sort of menu-based system, or something else)?

It’s an open-ended dialog system like the old Infocom games. No menu of choices. Questions are informed by situational context, and the player can be guided by unsolicited comments or remarks from the NPC.

Since the game is meant to be an historical reference in game format, players will have an indication of what are they types of questions to be asked and answered. Additionally, there will be a help system that can provide clues as appropriate.

For general info on the project, feel free to visit http://historicalwilliamsburg.com.