Hints needed for Little Match Girl 3

I’m on Deimos and I don’t seem strong enough for any of the monsters here. I don’t have anyone else in my party yet. And I can’t find any flame to let me go anywhere else. I also can’t wake up to go back to where I’ve been before. Finally, I have no idea how to get the cow down from the sky. Any help? Am I approaching this game all wrong?

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I think you’re only stuck because you missed one easy-to-miss detail.

First, make sure you get the lasersaw from a building (I think the abandoned house) on the southern side of the moon. This isn’t related to your current situation but it’ll make things easier later.

Anyway, there’s a fire in Cole’s house on the north side of the moon, which, again, is easy to miss.

Thank you! I have now beat the game and heartily recommend it to others.

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