Hints needed for 'Falling to Pieces'

This is a game from PunyJam #3. There doesn’t seem to be much to do other than examine things, most of which give no response. I’ve tried plenty of other stuff, but rarely get a useful response.

I have a score of 184 out of 230 and I’m now stuck at the eastern corridor with the authentication terminal. I have no idea what code to type into the terminal. Any hints? I’ve already tried all the 4-digit numbers I’ve found and the H.P. Lovecraft reference.


Consider where you read one of the numbers. You were looking in a mirror.


Thanks. That didn’t register with me. I just jotted down the number and pushed on. Got it now.

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I just discovered something very interesting from the author. I’ll mention it here under a spoiler tag. Don’t peek unless you’ve finished the game.

I thought the reference to Arkham was a reference to H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional city of Arkham, but it’s actually a reference to Arkham Asylum (which was itself stolen from H.P. Lovecraft) from the Batman universe. The main character is The Joker, but he could not be named for intellectual property reasons.