Hints for Desolation?

Has anybody managed to make progress through Desolation? There’s no walkthrough or hints that I can find, and I’ve gotten a bit stuck.

I made it through the desert/apartment (Shade homage?) and the tunnels, but now I’m stuck trying to get the bag and rope from the skeleton by the angry monster dog. The dog seems hungry, but my inventory doesn’t include anything edible: I’ve got the pickaxe, the flashlight, a canteen, and my phone, plus a “water” item that might be a bug (it showed up when I just typed “take” at the bottom of the rocky slope) and some makeshift bandages (which I also am not sure whether I’m supposed to have, since I was able to open the bag before dealing with the dog). I can’t find a way to grab a bone to feed the dog, or to play fetch with anything. I’ve also thought of driving the dog off by throwing one of those “softball-sized” rocks at him, but I’m unable to interact with them at all. Not sure whether I’ve missed an item, or need to find some other way to go before progressing… Anyway, a nudge in the right direction would be very much appreciated!

EDIT: OK, figured it out! For anyone in the same boat: you need to ATTACK DOG - I’d been trying to do that with the pick axe but since that didn’t work, and the dog seemed scary, I was overthinking things.


Thanks for playing my game, and I’m glad you got through that part. I just fixed that bug, and thank you for catching it. I hope you enjoyed the game (or didn’t hate it too much at least)!

Hiya! I did, and I actually just posted a review in the author’s forum if you’d like to check it out.

Hi! I would need a hint for the following:

(in the oasis: )

How should I build /construct a shelter from the wind and the sand, in order to sleep?

There is something in oasis that you could use to cover shelter.

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In case Edo’s hint isn’t enough:

Specifically, something from the plant kingdom.

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In case anyone needs a walkthrough for Desolation, I put up a transcript here: Stian's IFComp 2020 reviews

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Thanks Edo and Mike!


Another question : Now I am able to fall asleep, but

the girl with the two braids attacks me.

I don’t think I’ve reached the optimal ending yet, as the message mentions I could have done something differently. But what?

The gap is already covered by leaves, so she shouldn’t be able to see me readily. So I should have done something before that to cover my tracks? Or at least obstruct the way so she can’t get to me… Are the cacti the answer here? I even thought it might have been the flashlight that I had left on, but turning it off didn’t help either.

Hmm, I didn’t reach that ending. Did you eat fruit that you found in bag? Maybe that triggers best ending. I didn’t obstruct anything else. Eating fruit is only action I did out of curiousity.

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Did you pick rope after you climb the wall? I picked it after climbing. So, that might also be the trigger.

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Thank you Edo, it was that second thing that you suggested. After I got that object, I got the happy ending.:blush:


Good to hear.

Now I have to replay it to see that bad ending too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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