Hint system?

The subject is hints for adventure games and I’ve been giving it some thought over time.
It is my belief that a lot of relatively good games gets discarded by players because the lack of a walk-through or a hint sheet/system.
So how come that someone hasn’t made a hint system that can be sent along with the game?
Without actually being a programmer I still would think that it’s a relatively easy task to create a program which allowed the game author to create a hint sheet. (I’m sorry if I’m wrong)
I really do believe that it would be a great asset to any game and also add to the playability (We all want people to play our games, don’t we?) if there was a hint system published along with the game.
So I guess my question is: Is there someone out there who would be interested in making such a hint system, available for all games?
I have a few ideas about the design, but unfortunately lack any programming skills.

One way this might be workable would be to include it in the functionality of a game browser/downloader service, like Steam for example. So there would be some universal standard the game developers could write for. Otherwise the technical details of each game development platform are just too different to make this work, I think.

I also recommended this in the seeking-collaborators forum. Some sort of module where the programmer could just fill in a table of help topics and responses would be awesome.

What are your ideas, just out of curiosity?