[Hint request] Worlds Apart -- healing the pakal

I’ve been playing this game for a while, and I’ve come to an optional puzzle, which I would like to do for the sake of completeness. The hint system tells me both that this puzzle is indeed optional and that I’ll need to solve it during the current game state, before continuing with the main plot (which I haven’t discovered how to do yet, either), if I’m going to solve it at all.

Here’s my scenario:

The pakal creature is apparently sick from eating poisonous berries. According to the information in the notebook, I should be able to heal it with the kalla leaves that I have already found in the forest. Guided by the entry on “kalla” in the notebook, I’ve already crushed, boiled, and strained the leaves to produce mush. However, the pakal won’t eat the mush, and I can’t try to do much else with it because the game prevents it from being taken out of the strainer.


I haven’t played this game (which sounds awesome) but my instincts say Maybe if you eat some of the mush in the presence of the pakal, it’ll know that it’s safe?

Hmm… that’s a pretty good idea.

I tried eating the mush, but not in the presence of the pakal. At least I don’t think I did.

I’ll be sure to try that later. You’re a good adventure gamer. :slight_smile:

You don’t use herbal decoctions in real life, I’m guessing.

Now is that helpful?

I suspect what maga is trying to say is that you’re not supposed to give it the mush, you’re supposed to give it the water you strained through the mush. Or something like that. I don’t drink tea myself.

Ah, well. It didn’t work. It was a good thought, though.

Hmm… I don’t know how to do that, given what I’ve seen of the mechanics of the puzzle. I might as well try again and see if I can capture the water somehow. The supply of kalla leaves seems to be unlimited, and the only way to get the mush out of the strainer removes the mush object from play, allowing the puzzle to be done over from scratch without restoring.

Well, I haven’t actually played the game – my suggestion was a guess based on maga’s comment. As I said, I don’t use herbal decoctions either.

Some people, when they say they want a hint, mean that they want a vague pointer that’s only marginally less obscure than the puzzle itself. Some people mean that they want the next step in the walkthrough. I usually try to err on the vague side, on the grounds that it can be corrected.

Searching the web for “herbal decotion”, along with Matt’s suggestion, turned out to be all the help I needed. Thanks, everyone. :slight_smile:

And if you haven’t played World’s Apart and you’re wondering if you should give it a try, it’s a good bet that you probably should!