Hint request -- Wetlands

I would like to complete Wetlands by Clara Raubertas from the recent Spring Thing competition. I’m at 70 points. I’m not so much stuck at any particular puzzle as lost without a clue of what to do with anything.

Here’s a run-down of my situation:

[spoiler]I’ve just found the Pondside Community Center and the mural of the crystal city underneath the newer mural. I have no idea of what to do with the green flag that was in the Center. I’ve explored the lake and seen the emerging spire. Elsewhere, I’ve shut down two of the pumps – the one in the hut in the forest and the one in the building near the starting location.

The immediate puzzle that I’ve been hoping to work on is the large pump in the forest. I’ve climbed up it and discovered that the wheel is not attached. I tried using the wind chimes from the tree as bolts to attach the wheel to the pipe, but they didn’t fit the holes.[/spoiler]

Here’s my completed tasks:

turning on the complicated pump (10 points)
entering the Pump Room (5 points)
turning on the underground pump (10 points)
opening a secret panel (2 points)
climbing the tank (3 points)
traveling to other parts of the pond (5 points)
acquiring a wrench (2 points)
acquiring a screwdriver (2 points)
acquiring a flashlight (2 points)
getting on a train (2 points)
finding a ticket (5 points)
climbing the fence (5 points)
traveling to further parts of the pond (5 points)
launching the boat (3 points)
entering the boathouse (5 points)
finding a key (2 points)
finding a magnet (2 points)

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

You’ve got the right idea of the immediate puzzle to work on. (Hmm, nested spoilers don’t work. Oh well.)

Have you tried turning the wheel on that pump?

It spins freely, doesn’t it?

And it has holes.

You need to find something to put in the holes.

Have you tried the flashlight, the screwdriver, the big stick, and the wind chimes?

Most of them, except the wind chimes, are too thick.

Do you have anything that was described as long and thin?

The flagpole from the flag.

Put the flag in the holes and turn the wheel (I forget the exact phrasing).

Awesome, thanks! Those two puzzle elements were the two current things that I didn’t understand, and yet I never even thought of connecting them. :blush:

Oh hey wait:

You found a mural under the newer mural? Is it possible to get the flagpole without doing that? I think I missed it.

I had to hit the walkthrough several times, but I actually got that puzzle quickly, because I’d spent so long trying everything I could find on that puzzle that I was on the alert for the object whose description indicated it might work.

[spoiler]I didn’t even take the flag until I revealed the older mural, but there’s nothing to indicate that the two actions are related to each other other than the fact that the hint for the older mural appears in the same paragraph that the flag is mentioned in: