Hint request: Time; All Things Come to an End

Dang! This is oldschool unforgiving! I’ve already had to restart because I left something in a previous location with no way to get back.

Now I’m in a field after ejecting from the jetcopter.

remembering I had to hide my tracks in an earlier chapter, I want to hide the ejection seat or get rid of it in some way.
pushing, lifting, carrying it doesn’t work. I wanted to cover it with the rag I found in the car, but it’s ridiculously too small.
if I just leave it in the field, some guys search the entire field and the surrounding buildings until they find me.

I’d like a nudge as to what I’m missing. I’d hate to break the walkthrough-dam after finding so much on my own already. (It’s mighty tempting though. Every part until now has had me restoring to correct some unforeseen hiccup.)

I’ve never played this game and just took a quick gander at the walkthrough linked on IFDB – I think from that I can figure out what you’re supposed to do, but apologies if these clues are bad. In increasing order of spoileriness:

You’re on the right track with wanting to cover the seat.

There isn’t anything immediately available that would work, though.

Is there anything in the nearby locations that might work, if you can get it back to where the seat is?

SOLUTION: You need to get the shears, then cut the vegetation to make branches you can use to cover the seat.


Thanks. I restored to the field and started systematically entering directions. Guess what…

[licks red pencil and jots down on review-notes: “Minus 8 for hiding an object necessary to solve a puzzle in a location not mentioned in the description.”]